Music Gallery is an exclusive dealer of:

- Sauter Pianos (100% Made in Germany)

- Hailun Pianos (Award-Winning Professional Acoustic Pianos)

- Cline Pianos (Great Inexpensive Beginner Acoustic Pianos)

Conveniently located at 1468 Marine Drive, in West Vancouver BC.

At Music Gallery, pianos are what got us to launch our business back in 2002.
We are the most recommended store by piano teachers and piano tuners in North Vancouver.

The team at Music Gallery are passionate about all things music-related! Each member of our staff is dedicated to offer the best services and advice on anything in the store, with in-depth knowledge on each individual instrument that comes into our Showroom. Music Gallery offers a wide variety of instruments, such as Award Winning Grand Pianos, Upright Pianos, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Classical Guitars, Ukuleles, and Violins. We currently carry Hailun grand pianos, Hailun upright pianos, Sauter grand pianos, Sauter upright pianos, Yamaha upright pianos, Pearl River upright pianos, and more. Music lessons are also available for people of all ages and experience levels! Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your shopping!

New Pianos at Music Gallery
Come into our showroom to find our array of Hailun Uprights/Grands, Sauter Uprights/Grands and Cline Upright Pianos! Feel free to play them all!

Used Pianos
We buy, renovate, restore and sell used pianos. We always have a wide selection of certified used pianos. Our used pianos include: certified pre-owned Yamaha, Kawai and other assorted brands.
Our showroom currently has a selection of used Yamaha Upright pianos, used Kawai Upright pianos, and other used upright pianos.
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Used: Yamaha U3
$6,200.00 $5,799.006% off
Used: Yamaha UX
$5,499.99 $5,099.007% off
USED: Kawai BS2A
$5,400.00 $5,000.007% off