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Lessons are currently available for:

Piano, Guitar, Violin, Voice, Flute, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Ukulele (soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone), Guitalele, Merlin, Cello, Viola,
Middle Eastern instruments: Tombak, Daf, and Persian Fiddle (Kamancheh).

For inquiry about instruments not listed, please contact the Academy Manager directly at 778-316-6244

for private classes

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30 Minutes 45 Minutes 60 Minutes
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$30 $45 $60
Monthly $34 $51 $68
Drop-in $37 $55.50 $74

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30 Minutes 45 Minutes 60 Minutes
$37 $55.50 $74

Group Lessons also available upon request

Drop In: Our drop in rates are perfect for students who are not able or unsure about committing to their classes, as well as new students who wish to choose their teacher. Drop in lessons can be scheduled at any time (dependant on teacher availability) and must be paid for before the lesson begins. Missed classes cannot be scheduled for a make-up and refunds are not given, with the exception of emergencies. Drop in students understand their time slot is only for the dates they have scheduled for, and is not saved for them for future unscheduled classes. Drop ins are great for visitors, students with busy or changing schedules, or anyone who is thinking about getting into music but unsure about which instrument they wish to pursue.

Monthly: Our monthly package is a medium between our drop in and semester packages. Monthly lessons are ideal for students who are sure of their instrument and enjoy their lessons but are unable or do not wish to commit to 15 weeks. Our monthly package is more flexible to make-ups and changes than semester rates. Lessons are scheduled 4 (sometimes 5 depending on the month) weeks at a time, and payments are made at the beginning of each month. For information about absences, cancellations, and changes, view the "Absence and Changes" box below.

Semester: Signing up for a semester is geared towards students who are dedicated to advancing their skill in music. Our semester package is perfect for students enrolled with the Royal Conservatory of Music, as well as those taking exams or wish to perform in recitals/competitions. Payment for the semester is due before the semester begins, and must be paid in full. Signing up for a semester is a dedication of 15 weeks of classes, and only 2 absences are allowed per semester if given 2 weeks notice prior. For more information about absences, cancellations, and changes, view the "Absence and Changes" box below.

If a lesson is missed, your lesson will still be charged. You must notify your teacher about missing classes in advance.

Semester: Only 2 absences are permitted per semester. All absences must be discussed 2 weeks in advance, for which the teacher would provide a make-up during or at the end of the semester. Classes missed without notice will not be subject to make-ups and will be charged.

Monthly: It is at the teacher's discretion to provide make-ups depending on the reason of absence and teacher's availability. If the teacher is unable to accommodate a make-up, your lesson will still be charged unless the notice of absence is made 2 weeks in advance.

Tuitions are non-refundable. If a student wishes to end their lessons and gives 2 weeks advance notice, the remainder of the payment will act as in-store credit valid for 3 months.

Every lesson is individualized to fit each student's needs and abilities, ensuring that they receive the most out of their musical experience, and with over 18 highly qualified teachers, we promise to fit you or your child with a teacher that makes music a fun and rewarding experience that will stay with you for your entire life.

Lesson days and times depend on each teacher's availability, and all lesson times can be customized starting from 30 minutes.

Other Services

Please inquire in person at our showroom, or call the Academy Manager at 778-316-6244 for all other services including:

  • Room Rentals (individual or group options), ideal for:
    • - Individual Practice Sessions for any instrument. All rooms are equipped with a piano.
    • - Group/Band Rehearsal Sessions
  • Piano Tuning
  • Instrument Appraisal
  • Instrument Repairs
  • Restringing (guitar/ukulele/violin)
  • And More!